Design Touches in STORM Magazine

I’ve been working on a couple of articles for STORM magazine. STORM is a Singapore-based magazine, aimed at captains of industry and thought leaders. The magazine addresses issues from business to life and style and always has plenty of thought-provoking articles inside.


This issue focused on design, and my first article took a look at recent design trends, and how the design world has been interpreting technological advancements and society’s need for continual re-invention to make our lives more effortless and high-tech.

We expect our products to be ever more intuitive to our needs, and we want it all at the touch of a button. We have become so reliant on being continually connected, that we expect everything – from our phones to our televisions to our fashion accessories to provide Wi-Fi connections and network with one another.

But where is this continual quest for convenience and efficiency leading us? We all know the dangers of what we are doing to our planet, but how can this rapid advancement in technological design co-exist with a more sustainable and ecologically sound world?

The answer, according to recent design trends, seems to be an increase in the use of sustainable materials, a bid to conserve energy and the search for renewable energy sources for charging all these accessories we can no longer live without. Yet in this world of the iPad and the flatscreen Smart TV it is clear that we expect our products to be stylish as well as innovative and eco-friendly.

Now, more than ever in the design world, ingenuity, practicality and aesthetics must meet in order to make an impression on the ever more demanding consumer.

In this article I seek out some of the designs that are doing just that, to gain an insight into what we can expect in the future – from thermostats and shower systems to suspended architecture, touch-screen windows and personal submarines!

Read the full article in STORM magazine